Frequently Asked Questions About Our Urgent Care

Do you have an onsite X-ray machine?

We are able to perform fracture care and splinting.  X-rays can be ordered with one of our radiology partners as needed. 

Do you dispense medications on-site?

We offer many common prescription and over the counter medications at a competitive price on site at the time of your visit.  Walk out with your medications in hand.

Do you take Medi-Cal?  

Yes, when it is associated with our contracted partners IEHP and Alpha Care

Which age range of patients do you see?

All ages.

Do you perform Sport Physicals?

Yes. Please see our Urgent Care Services page.

Do you offer the flu shot? 


Do you do the flu swab test?

Yes, however some insurance providers do not offer this test as a covered benefit and there may be a charge to you (Our HMO associated plans are not contracted to pay for this service).  

Do you make appointments or do pre-check in?

No, this is a walk-in clinic with no appointments.

Do you offer orders for general blood tests?  

We can perform some blood tests.  You are encouraged to follow-up with your primary care provider or return to Raincross Urgent Care to review the results as a second option.  You may also come by to pick up your results or get them through the lab.  We will not call you to alert or discuss abnormal results (except for emergencies where we are called by the lab).  It is your responsibility to follow-up on the results.  Labs are ordered based on findings or questions of the provider on duty.

Do you do referrals?

No, all referrals need to be done by your PCP.

Do you do Worker’s Comp?

No, we are not contracted with worker’s comp insurance at this time. 

Do you do PAP smears?

Probably yes. It depends on our insurance contract.  Please call to verify.

Do you do Ultrasounds?