Corona Virus, Update

Corona Virus

Much has happened with the Corona virus since my last posting.   First, the disease has a name, COVID-19.  There have been significantly more cases.  Most of the cases have remained in Wuhan, China.  There has been a significant uptick in the number of infected people, partially due to the spread of the disease and partly due to China using a different counting technique to account for people with the disease.  There have been people evacuated to the US including a group evacuated to March Air Base right here in Riverside.   Thank goodness that all 195 people were medically cleared from that quarantine.

The WHO has since taken the step of declaring COVID-19 a public health international emergency.  This has resulted in the quarantine getting tighter and there has been a heightened travel restrictions between the US and China as well as travel restrictions from other countries.

Within China, there are now tens of thousands of cases of COVID-19.  Thankfully, here in the states, there are just 15 cases and while person to person spread has been observed in this country, tight quarantine protocols seem to have kept the disease from spreading rapidly as it has in China.

The CDC continues to maintain that the risk of virus spread within the US remains low.  If there is history of travel to Wuhan China and there are symptoms consistent with COVID-19, fever, cough, and shortness of breath, then it is advised that you present to the Emergency room so that appropriate medical and public health steps can be taken.

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